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Televisiony thoughts!

(Why, yes, I do spam more when I have massive amounts of work to do, why do you ask?)

I am with shoroko, this was the BSG episode I've liked best of this season. It was awfully anvilly in some parts of course, but overall - I have very much missed actually liking the characters. Starbuck and Roslin acting in ways that are neither hugely morally questionable nor certifiably crazy: a giant plus, for me. Focus on Gaeta: even more of a plus, yes I know he's a jerk, but I have to admit, he's so snarky and calculating that I cannot help but love him. But most of a plus: THANK YOU, show, for remembering that Athena exists, and about her identity conflicts, because up until now it pretty much looked like you'd forgotten entirely. And the Sixes were awesome, too! I am way excited for possible human/Cylon alliances; can you tell?

I don't actually have a lot to say about this particular Who episode, other than that Martha and Donna both continue awesome as usual, and I am so very grateful that I didn't have to get angry about Martha needing rescue AGAIN. (Well, that, and that I wonder how they managed to get an Old Clone, considering the Big Twist. I was actually really expecting the Jenny problem to be resolved with the reveal that the clones age super-quickly and she was going to get old and die in a few days; as usual, I tend to like my solutions better than the ones the producers come up with, but perhaps this is because I am an egotist.) However, HOW MUCH am I looking forward to next week? Agatha Christie! Agatha Christie played by Fenella Woolgar, otherwise known as the fabulous and hilarious lesbian detective on Jekyll! Fun with thirties mystery novel tropes! I am full of ridiculous anticipation and glee.

And, since while I'm at it I may as well - Okay, Ugly Betty is often totally predictable, but still consistently hilarious. But one thing that I love that is not predictable - well, you guys all know how much I am into intergenerational family relationships on TV, and I just have to say that I really kind of love the way Claire Meade and Ignacio Suarez acted as kind of cross-directional parental figures in this episode to Betty and Daniel, respectively. And I really hope that keeps up, because it's adorable. One of the reasons I love the show most is its emphasis on family, and I think it's doing some cool things with that.
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