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On an entirely different note: I have finally finished all the fics from the prompts I requested from you guys like two months ago. Slow and steady? Um. ANYWAYS. For completeness' sake, and for anyone who may have missed theirs, I am going to link them all here! If some of them are insane, that is because you guys ASKED FOR INSANE THINGS.

For agonistes: Jayne and Kaylee in matching costumes on Halloween. A Wacky Firefly Heist Story.

For phoenixchilde: Iroh and Bill Adama. Avatar/BSG crossover that does not actually include dialogue from either of the requested characters, because I'm awesome like that.

For varadia: Cernan and Noony bodyswapped. Fionavar crossover that is relevant to nobody's interests but varadia and genarti, because they like to make me cry.

For in_the_blue: Sophie and Howl's first conversation post-House of Many Ways. Spoilery as anything, but includes a bonus epilogue of awesome by in_the_blue!

For areyoumymemmy: Five times Lilly and Jayne got married accidentally (and one time they did it on purpose). RIDICULOUSLY EPIC Milliways fic, guest starring a multitude of people including but not excluded to River, Puck, Gandma Cobb, and the Pope.

For gramarye1971: Mary Lennox attempts to ride a penny-farthing. With help from her friends!

For dramaturgca: Kara and Lee and late night Triad. Possibly the only BSG pilots fic I will ever write.

For rymenhild: Mary Lennox, having succeeded in her quest to Research Sex, shares her newfound knowledge with Ingress. With SURPRIES MADELEINE L'ENGLE CROSSOVERTUDE. Rym is a terrible person; apparently, I am a worse one.

For shoroko: Jamie/Elle. To clarify, that is Jamie Hamilton and Elle Bishop, future Milliways fic. It's electric!

For wanderlustlover: Haruhi and Tamaki, angst and ninja character depth. You have no idea how hard it is to write angsty Ouranfic.

For cupenny: Mary Lennox aboard the Black Pearl. Milliways fic starring Mary, Wellard, and Captain Jack Sparrow.

For batyatoon: Jamie Hamilton in the Buffyverse. Homeward Bounders/BtVS crossover fic that is totally serious business. Yes.

For vivien529: Mary-Ingress, something involving Puck. Milliways futurefic, set at Some Vague Future Time. Specificity is not my friend!

For bodldops: Someone in Milliways is betutued. It has been so, so long since I wrote any Megfic.

For ashen_key: Gareth and Lynette. Arthurian fic, no particular canon except my own and possibly a little bit of Tennyson.

For rowanberries: Mary Lennox, Vampire Slayer. Secret Garden/Buffyverse crossover of wackinesss, also a very tiny hint at Dark is Rising if you know where to look.

For adiva_calandia: Mary Lennox/Eustace Clarence Scrubb. This is my favorite cross-canon OTP and I don't care who knows it. THEIR LOVE IS SO CRANKY OKAY. (Not necessarily Milliways, just . . . some magical place and time where they are the same age. Um.)

For dictator_duck: Finn, Jamie and world domination, Milliways future-fic. Also, Dave, Tamaki, teapots and battleaxes, which is a crossover between Fionavar and Ouran and therefore in and of itself possibly the most insane drabble prompt I have ever had to write.

And, as a bonus track, written for myself alone but during this time period: Things I Did And Didn't Do, a Homeward Bounders what-might-have-been fic.

So, uh. That does not look like ridiculous amounts of fic for two months for you productive types, probably, but it feels like a lot to me!
Tags: battlestar galactica, diana wynne jones, fic, firefly, guy gavriel kay, heroes, milliways, ouran, secret garden

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