the real kwon (bookelfe) wrote,
the real kwon

Okay, so! Now there is a little bit of distance: BSG thoughts.

1. It figures that they would make Dualla a person again just in time to kill her off. (That's something this show does a lot; it's very Whedonesque, also.) I think it was very well done and hit me like a gutpunch. And I'm glad she got to be a person again, at least for a little. That being said: am I wrong, or is every character of color on the show now either dead or a Cylon? I am 99% sure every woman of color is.

2. How much I like Starbuck flip-flops from episode to episode, but I really liked her in this episode! I also thought Leoben being all "this is too weird EVEN FOR ME. Peacing out, dude!" was hilarious.

3. Other things that are hilarious: Lee's speech, and the fact that Anders was totally an emo rock star in his past life. HA!

4. I should have called Ellen Tigh and I totally didn't, but I think it's awesome! Especially because a.) I love Ellen Tigh and b.) I suspect they are completely subverting the whole 'one true destined love' thing.

5. It is really, really hard watching Laura Roslin and Bill Adama fall to suicidal pieces.

6. I really want to know how the Sixes are dealing with this! Where were they?
Tags: battlestar galactica

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